Cigarettes are Carcinogenic Cocktails

“Cigarettes are carcinogenic cocktails, containing unknown amounts of harmful and addictive substances.

Tobacco is a deadly product, period.

Congress should give the FDA the authority to regulate it — and the power to protect our kids.”

The Charlotte Observer, 08/26/2007

Deadly Cigarette Cocktail There is a lot of controversy over how to regulate Big Tobacco and outlaw all the addictive chemicals that they add to cigarettes.

Not only is smoking bad for the smoker, but we often forget about the health risks of those exposed to secondhand smoke.

Also research has shown that children whose parents smoke are more susceptible to addiction along with all the health risks they are subjected to. Subjecting children to second-hand smoke could be classified as a form of abuse if you really think about it.

It is not much different than making your child consume a little poison each day.

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