How Long After You Quit Smoking Does Healing Begin?

Healing from the effects of smoking is possible, but it does take time.

The following is a guideline to give you an idea how your immune system kicks in to clear the effects of smoking from your system and promote healing.

We know it is wise to give your system additional nutritional support when smoking, but don’t forget that after you quit you want to support your body with nutrition to help support physical healing.

Effects of Quitting Smoking – After Eight Hours

  • Carbon monoxide in your body drops.
  • Oxygen level in your blood increases to normal.

Two days After Quitting Smoking

  • Your sense of smell and taste will improve.
  • You will enjoy the taste of your food more.
  • Your risk of heart attack begins to decrease.

After Three of Four Days

  • Bronchial tubes relax.
  • Your lung capacity will have increased.
  • Breathing becomes easier.

After Two Weeks of Not Smoking

  • Blood flow improves; nicotine has passed from your body.

Two Weeks to Three Months After Quitting

  • Circulation improves.
  • Walking and running are easier.
  • Lung functioning increases up to 30%.

Six to Nine Months After Stopping Smoking

  • You’ll experience less coughing
  • Less sinus congestion
  • More energy (less tiredness and shortness of breath).

One Year – Happy Anniversary! Mark Your Calendar

  • Your risk of heart disease will be about half of what it would have been if you continued to smoke!

Five Years After Stopping Smoking

  • Your risk of stroke will be substantially reduced and you have a lot to look forward to. You are well into your recovery from the effects of tobacco addiction.
  • Within 5 to 15 years after quitting, it becomes about the same as a non-smokers.

After Ten Years Free From Addiction

  • Your risk of dying from lung cancer will be about half of what it would have been if you had continued to smoke.
  • Your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas will also decrease.

After Fifteen Years – Congratulations

  • Your risk of dying from a heart attack is equal to a person who never smoked.

Yes, it does take time, but where will you be in fifteen years if you don’t stop smoking now? You may be one of the lucky ones like George Burns, but what are the odds of that?

94 thoughts on “How Long After You Quit Smoking Does Healing Begin?

  1. Nichole

    I recently quit smoking and am enjoying breathing better but the hardest thing is when I go out on the town with friends. I drink one glass of wine and the cravings are very strong. Is there any way to make the cravings less when drinking alcohol? Besides the obvious of not going out at all.

    1. admin

      Hi Nichole, Congratulations are in order on your progress. Keep focusing on the benefits when your cigarette cravings come up. Also, if you drink alcohol, try drinks that contain milk because milk can make the taste buds reject the taste of cigarettes and perhaps you might want to stay away from environments that tempt you a bit longer till you are stronger. There are also aids that you can take with you. One we have heard of is NicoDrops which is an herbal product.

  2. Pauli

    Hi! I just quit 11 days ago…I just won’t pay $6 for a pack, and that was the excuse I needed. I used the nicotine patch every day for the first week, and now I ALWAYS keep one with me. If I’m in a situation where I’m craving, especially involving drinking, I slap on a patch and it gets me through the evening with enough willpower to NOT hit up my smoking buddies for a butt, and keeps me from being irritable. I know it’s still a crutch, but it lets me continue to enjoy my social life.

    1. admin


      Thanks so much for your post! Congratulations on your choice to beat this habit. Please stop by anytime you need a little boost or reminder of the dangers of nicotine or big tobacco’s manipulation to keep smokers addicted. Eventually you will be able to get off the patch when you feel strong enough. Now go enjoy knowing you are a great example for others.

  3. Franco

    I am at two weeks and happy. My motivation was a comment from my 9 year old daughter. That worked more than any advertising or medical report. The bad taste in my mouth is terrible though. Has anybody else felt that?

    1. Tracy Dauphinais

      I have that awful taste in my mouth and I feel it in my chest. When I chew guy I can’t taste it anymore. How long does this last? I haven’t smoked in 11 days

  4. Yunmi Watson

    It has been 4days since I had my last cigarette. First 24 hours were OK until the evening when a chronic cough began. On the second day, I was coughing all day accompanied by mucus spit. On the third day, I had flu symptoms such as, fever, runny nose, and chronic cough. I felt like I was dying. I am coughing my lung out. I never want to smoke again if I have to go through this painful process again.

    1. hether

      Hello I am an ex smoker I quit 15 days ago officially. My breathing did get better first week then all of a sudden I got this yucky cough and I feel like I have the flu. Lasted two days so far please help

  5. Sandy

    Hi Yummi, Congratulations on stopping smoking! Keep going and don’t look back … other than to acknowledge that you are almost over the worst part. And whatever you do, stay focused and seek support if you ever are tempted again. Be proud of yourself, and if anyone tries to tempt you to smoke again … just remember this experience and know you have control over your choices! Yeah, you are doing it!

  6. sheri

    Its been 4 days and I can’t get the thought out of my head of wanting to smoke a cigarette. How long does these thoughts go through your guys head of wanting to smoke? Now I know it is the habit part that is taking over and it is not the craving. I am able to fight my urges easily but just wondering how long does that thought go away?

  7. Elaine

    Hi, i stopped smoking 18 weeks ago using Champix. Everything has been fine, although I have put on 10lbs., but the last week I have had very strong cravings and although I have not given into them, it has become a pain as I find myself thinking about smoking again, after breaking free. Will this pass? What can I do?

  8. Sandy Post author

    Hi Elaine, you might want to try Smoke Deter, or Nico Drops. Both are all natural products. Here are the links:
    Smoke Deter, or Nico Drops
    People seem to get great results with both of these.
    Good for you! You Will drop the weight once you balance your emotional reason for smoking. I think either of these products will help you with your cravings.

  9. Thomas

    I stopped smoking 7 months ago. I am 29 now and had been smoking since I was 17. I used to be a very sporty person and exercised many times a week. After I finished university and got a job I found little time and motivation to exercise. seven months ago I was coming back from work and the elevator was out of order, and I had to walk up to the 6th floor. When I got there I was totally out of breath, and when I opened the door I threw the pack into the garbage immediately and never looked back. At the moment I’ve started exercising twice a week, and I feel energized and liberated. I will most definitely never have a cigarette again in my life. Even when I’m out with my friends drinking and I see people smoking, I think back to that day seven months ago and I feel no craving, just disgust.

  10. Wendy

    I have been smoke free for 5 days, cravings are still there, but my youngest told his father and I about a month ago that he was taught in health class that if you smoke you die. It is very hard to quit after many years of doing it, but those words are what is getting me through this. I am only having problems with my husband. How do I get through to him to quit as well. Help please.

  11. Sandy

    Hi Wendy, You could print the info on this page and post it on your refrigerator to remind you that you are taking healing action! Also, you might want to talk to someone like George, he is the author of the Stop Smoking for the Last Time as has a great track record for helping people quit for good. His email is posted at the end of the page.

  12. Joel L.

    I am fifty one, and I have smoked since I was sixteen. I have had two strokes. On Feb first of this year I quit cold turkey. It was hard, but I will never start again.

  13. Laura

    I quit smoking seventy-two days ago today. I have so much more I want to live for other than putting a cigarette to my mouth and inhaling a bunch of poisonous drugs into my lungs. I am forty-three years old. I started smoking when I was nineteen. I have COPD, I have had a heart attack at thirty-nine, I have CAD and I had a double by pass when I was forty-one. Cigarettes will kill You. It is not as hard as you think to quit. It did take me three times to finally quit but now I am ashamed that I didn’t quit so many years ago. The problem was me, and I thought I was going to be miserable and uncomfortable and so I didn’t. That was selfish of me as I should have quit so long ago. I just didn’t have the guts to butch up and get the job done. My biggest regret of my life is that I didn’t quit sooner!

  14. sanbreck Post author

    Laura, Thank you so much for posting and sharing your story. I am sure your story will help many others who happen to read what you have to share. AND congratulations! We are so proud of you. So now you can move forward and watch your body heal. Also, we have heard that the peppermint vapor pipes can help COPD, check them out: Peppermint Vapor Helps the Lungs, too.

  15. Julie

    I quit smoking March 10th 2010 after finding myself at the urgent care center unable to breathe. After a breathing treatment, chest x-rays, an inhaler, antibiotics, and steroids, I am happy to report that I do not have cancer, which I have thought I had for years. What I do have is asthma and a very raspy smokers voice that I am embarrassed about. Has anyone experienced a very bad taste in their mouth where no food tastes good anymore and their tongue is irritated? Unfortunately the only thing that tastes remotely pleasant to me is bread. I have put on fifteen pounds in only five weeks, help. Has anyone had this experience in the past?

  16. Sandy

    Hi Julie,

    We are so thrilled to hear you stopped smoking! And so wise to get checked out. Even with the physical symptoms you are going through your body will heal in time. Hang in there!
    One recommendation is a supplement that is highly rated for helping smokers heal. The US Army actually did a test of this supplement on their worse cases and found it brought their numbers back from near dead to in the positive range.

    Here is another research study you might like to read > Study on Super Critical Antioxidants by New Chapter

    You can also purchase Super Critical Antioxidants, and also the Women’s formula, (you might contact New Chapter and ask them what else would be good for you)… at Vitacost for 40 percent off!

    The bad taste may be some type of small infection, or your body is beginning to detox. I imagine taste will come back as your body begins to balance. You might ask your doctor what he thinks it is, too. Also, I would recommend the drinking some of the New Chapter Berry Green too! That might help bring your taste back. It is really good for you, so can’t hurt.

    Again, Congratulations!

  17. Deb

    I can’t help but think that using some immune boosting herbs or cleansing herbs would help make the process of healing go faster after quitting smoking. As far as a bad taste in your mouth Julie it may be from the inhalers that asthma patients take. I use one and believe me it makes my taste buds change. Also some of the steroid drugs for asthma can make you gain lots of weight. It would be nice if you could quit smoking and then maybe get the asthma under control. You would then use much less medication.

  18. sandy

    I have just found out that my fifteen year old daughter started smoking last year when her beloved granny died. She’s smoking between three and nine a week and insists she has not lost control. I hate smoking and I want her to stop. Asthma is in both parents’ families. I fear for her health. I’ve explained this to her, but she hopes she’ll be OK. But once she’s hooked she’ll have more and never want to stop. Any ideas please?

  19. Sandy

    Hi Sandy … you are welcome to check out all the categories on CiggyFree, and print any of the articles and give to your daughter to read. One that may really wake her up may be this one: Dangers of 69 Cancer Causing Chemicals in Cigarettes to Men, Women and Unborn Babies Remind her that it isn’t just herself she is hurting but everyone around here. Including those who pass by because the dangers of second hand smoke are very real too. You sound like a wonderful parent, so just keep dangling the evidence in front of her, and she will get the message! Thanks for stopping by.

  20. sharon

    I am trying to quit smoking, but my lungs hurt and I have a hard time breathing. I am always wishing for a smoke when sitting in the Casino. How long after you quit do your lungs hurt?

  21. Sandy

    Hi Sharon, Everyone is a little different. The guidelines above are a pretty good indication of what to suspect, but you may want to go to your doctor and have a good check up to monitor your progress. The encouragement you get from your doctor as your lungs start to improve could also give you additional support to refrain from starting to smoke again. So don’t try … Do IT! You can!! Add years to your life! So much to be grateful for, and so many lives yet to touch.

  22. Deb

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say that it is so important that you stop smoking and stay quit. I had to listen to a close family member tell me his lung cancer was the size of a softball. He described it as one ugly piece of work. They gave him three months. He goes on Monday for chemotherapy and radiation as a last ditch effort to shrink this thing and give him some time. It is very hard to hear sobbing on the other end of the phone and hear that he thought he had more time. It was he thought an infection that they would for sure cure with antibiotics. Think hard about this and what it means to everyone who loves you! Please quit smoking.

  23. Trisha

    Today is my fourth day that I have not smoked, and I am using the patch today. It is the hardest day of all. I keep busy, but I can’t stop thinking of wanting a cigarette. When will I not have these cravings anymore? And also will I keep having these cravings the whole time I have the patch on, until I’m completely off the patch?

  24. Ronda F.

    Today is my first day of quitting smoking, once again. I had quit over six years ago and for some crazy reason I started back. I already know that it will be hard, but the benefits will naturally out weigh the bad. I just regret starting back, after quitting for all those years.

  25. Sandy

    Hi Ronda, congratulations on your decision! And know that what you did six years ago you can do again, and easier this time because you know more. Glad you are seeking out support, too! There are so many great websites now that offer support. If you need reminders of why not to start again, just read through some more of our posts. So glad you are pulling out of the mass hypnotic wave of smoking and reclaiming your right to better health and authentic happiness.

  26. Mike

    I’m on my second day and my chest feels as if it is in a vise, it is hard to breathe. I’d kick my butt all over the place for ever starting, but I don’t have the wind to do it.

  27. Sandy

    Mike, Congratulations! These symptoms will ease up soon. Just hang in there and make a vow to NEVER start again! You can do it!

  28. Kristi

    I quit six days ago. The first couple of days were agony. Now the cravings aren’t so bad, but I have crying spells. I will just start crying for no particular reason. This has been going on for about three days now.

  29. Sandy

    Hi Kristi, Crying is part of release and detox .. you will rebalance, do hang in there! Lots of stuff gets stuck in the cells, including emotions… Do some nice stretching, a warm bath, self love nurturing actions … and know we so proud of you and you can do it!

  30. Steve

    This is my first day without a cigarette. I quit for two years at one point and started again, stupid. Any how I’m on the Chantix program and it really seems to be working great. One piece of advice during your first week of Chantix you still smoke at this time, you should notice less and less cravings, so smoke when you want while you look at photos, and read articles on what smoking does to the human body. I’ll never smoke again and for me Chantix makes it easier.

  31. Aida

    Hi my name is Aida I stopped smoking on Dec. 1st 2010.after refusing to pay 10 dollars a pack. I smoked for twenty one years. I started out with Chantix for two weeks and have not smoked nor taken any more chantix. I never smoked in the presence of my three children, but they always asked me to quit. I already feel healthier and my kids are very happy for me. I’m glad I quit and sad I didn’t do it sooner. I’ve gained four pounds in almost four weeks but a little bit of love handles wont hurt anyone. Good luck and my blessing to those to become smoke free.

  32. Johnny

    How do you get your taste buds back after quitting smoking because my taste receptors are not working still after smoking? So how do I get them working again? Is there medicine I can take that will cure this problem, and my sense of smell is not that great either?

  33. Heather

    I have been clean from cigarettes for 7 days now. My skin is breaking out, and I never have pimples. Is this normal? I have gained weight too. But most important my chances double to be healthy and able to watch my kids grow up and their kids? I’m one of the people who always gets bronchitis. This sucks, my doctor said it is kind of having like COPD. I never want a chest cold like that ever again. I started at thirteen and now I’m twenty-nine doing it cold turkey all the way. I am so proud of myself.

  34. Sandy

    Hi Johnny and Heather, I wanted to mention to both of you that you may want to purchase some Super Critical Anti Oxidants from New Chapter. The navy actually did a study with this supplement and found it helped the body’s immune and healing response from the toxic and ill effects from smoking. Remarkably. Scroll up the comment I left for Julie and you will find the links there. Johnny this is what I would recommend to help you get your taste back, and Heather it will help you, as well. I also have a post with tips tohelp with weight management after quitting smoking

  35. Kumar S.

    Hi I am Kumar, I started to smoke around twenty-one and now I am forty-two. I was a smoker for almost twenty years. During all these years I never thought to quit smoking but all of a sudden last week I decided to quit eight days ago and I quit smoking. That’s it very simple. Not a big deal. It is really great and I feel like I am five years younger than what I am. I think I should have done this long time back. I am very proud of myself as I am strong enough to quit smoking in my first attempt. Smokers please try to quit as early as possible as it’s not too late. Life will be very beautiful without smoking. Enjoy your life.

  36. Keithysee

    I have been off the smokes for two and a half days now, cold turkey, it’s been pretty easy so far and I intend to keep going. I am using the android app. now to help me along. I have been smoking since I was sixteen years old I am now twenty-six. I have tried and failed to quit before but this time I’m stronger. Good luck to everyone hope you all get clean and smoke free.

  37. Bea

    I have been smoke free for thirty-six days now and feel great. The first two weeks were pure torture. I did have a relapse one night while having a few drinks and regretted it the next day when I woke up with the worst cigarette hangover I’ve ever had. Two weeks ago my best friend was diagnosed with emphysema and had to have both his legs amputated below the knee due to gangrene setting in because of smoking. I will never smoke again.

  38. Sandy

    Bea, we are saddened to hear about your friend. Our heart goes out to them… So proud of you for quitting … it seems like your wake up was a pretty strong message watching your friend dealing with such severe complications. It is amazing how big tobacco seriously brain washes people into thinking smoking is cool, glamorous, etc… when it sets us up for so much heartache. Congratulations on your decision, and stay focused on self love and you will never smoke again!

  39. Bobby

    I’ve been smoke free for eleven days an loving it. I was thinking of patches an stuff but went cold turkey instead. Why waste more money on that when it was my fault for smoking. May third was the day I had my last smoke, and the reason for giving up was a advertisement that I had seen on TV which got me thinking about it.

  40. Scott G.

    I quit four days ago and I am feeling better every day. I will turn forty this March, and I have been a smoker for over twenty-five years. I just want to live to see my Grandkids be born and have kids.

  41. Sandy

    Scott, that is excellent! Yes, you will see your grandkids, that is an excellent motivator, isn’t it. And Bobby, just read some of the blog posts here if you need a reminder of why you quit! Not only are you no longer being lead by advertisements that want to keep people smoking for their corp profits, but you are taking your life back into your own hands!

  42. Anjali

    Hi I have been smoking for more than twenty five yrs. and never thought of giving it up until a few days ago. On March second, I just gave it up though I am tempted but I just kicked the Butt and I am glad because now I can walk for miles without getting tired, and I can also save a lot of money.

  43. Sandy

    Anjali …. Yes! Your life will be so much better … if you feel tempted, just read the posts on this blog and hopefully you will never smoke again. You will really come to understand that you don’t need to be manipulated any longer! Congratulations! You did it!

  44. Anup

    I smoked for 27 years and no “other” attempts at quitting worked till one day it was “Cold Turkey” way. Great, today is four months completed without smoking. It feels great and my system is still going through the repair work apparently, as I cannot walk briskly for more than 30 minutes due to left leg muscle cramps. Surprisingly my blood sugar has shot up after quitting so now another thing to deal with.

    1. Jj

      Hi my friend! I’ve been 7 month with out taking any more cigarette (after 15 years). My sugar level rise like you. But what I did is to stop using sugar in coffee or teas. Instead of eating some chocolate or candy took an apple or a banana. Those foods have sugar but in a healthy way.

  45. Jamie

    Today is day three for me. I know I don’t need to smoke but all I think about all day long is how much I want to. I am taking Chantix and it does make it easier, but I did still slip up today and have one cigarette. I completely regret it and wish I hadn’t done it. But how long will it take before I stop thinking about it constantly? If these thoughts don’t go away I know I won’t make it.

  46. Summer

    To all those trying to quit, stay quit! The withdrawal symptoms or cravings will pass, I promise. The deal is, you must get past the withdrawal phase and let it do its perfect effect. Then, the cravings happen farther and farther apart until one day, you realize you have not thought of smoking for days or even weeks or months. I started smoking when I was six years old. Can you believe that? I then proceeded to smoke for another forty years. It’s sad but true. I wish I never would have started. The good news is, I am smoke free today and loving every minute of it.

  47. Bobby

    I’ve now been smoke free for two months and I love it. This will be the last time I am on here because now I’m looking ahead to the future.

  48. Sandy

    Congrats Bobby! Yes, keep your eye on the future, and you will stay “smoke free” Here is to your good health!

  49. James

    Hi all, great to hear so many different reasons for quitting and that everyone seems to be successfully doing so. I have been a smoker for twenty years and never seriously thought about quitting until I had a daughter who will be one year old at the end of May. She is my motivation for quitting. I don’t want to be an old looking, out of breath, embarrassing father. I certainly don’t want her to ever pick up the filthy habit. Anyway, my last cigarette was on Saturday. I realized that my life revolved around cigarettes and what a sad existence that is. I must admit, at the moment I miss it, three days later, but I know that it was just a part of my daily routine that I needed to change. As I said just by looking at my daughter, that gives me all the strength I need to fight this battle and the fact that I am no longer poisoning my body, so I am going cold turkey all the way. Good luck to everyone.

  50. Sandy

    James that is so fantastic you are quitting and now you have so much motivation to do so. Another motivator is the dangers of second hand smoke to small children. Here is just one article we posted Dangers of Second Hand Smoke to Children. If you search the site you will find many other studies of the ill effects of second hand smoke. Good luck! And congratulations! You CAN and are quitting! Yes!

  51. Jay J.

    Well, my brother and I quit smoking. We’re on day three. Man the first two were pretty rough. Whew, I felt like something was wrong, something was missing. I was very uncomfortable. Now on day three I am better still. I miss it and I am drinking a lot of water. I am going to start taking a one a day vitamin, and start
    riding the bike. I am a lot better than yesterday. I like reading these comments. It lets me know it can and is done by a lot of other people. I’ll keep ya posted.

  52. Sandy

    Jay, that is fantastic! Yes, you both are doing it! Keep it up .. it is wonderful that you are providing support for each other and can reflect in your old age how you helped each other!

  53. Bobby

    Hey guys, well just a check up. I am still smoke free after eight months. I would like to say to every one else who has tried and not succeeded try again and again. It is worth it and so very beneficial as well. I was a very heavy smother but persistence and a great girlfriend got me to where I am now. I gained a bit of weight, but I can lose that in a heart beat. Keep up the good work guys.

  54. Bobby

    hey guys as u no my last comment said may thrid haha i lied it was Jan 9th 2011 sorry bot ive been smoke free for over 1 year now craving is gone can stand rud people that smoke an dnt get no craves…as for 1 of my family members (Little sister) has giving up as well month after i started 2 give up she be almost a year soon very pround of her!!!! so for all you peeps that want to give just do it i find keeping busy an walking running for the first three weeks helps alot!!!! happy Smoke free guys

  55. Avrill

    Hello world, my name is Avrill and I finally gave up smoking. I’ve been praying for along time that God would take the desire for smoking away from me and on April 5, 2012 he answered my prayer. However I’m going through body aches, runny nose, and I seem to be always mad and yelling. It has been three weeks today, and I am so happy. Well I must go now but I will keep all updated.

  56. Sal

    I stopped smoking two days ago because of heart palpitations, and I now have chest pains and feel lightheaded every once in a while. Is this normal and will this help with my palpitations? I am currently wearing the patch. How long should I do this for, must I take every stage? I have been smoking since the age of twelve and I am currently twenty-nine.

  57. Mike

    I am quitting again. It has been a month now. I had a terrible coughing fit last night. This strengthens my resolve to never touch that poison again. Be strong everyone and pray hard when the cravings hit. Yahweh will help you through if you ask Him.

  58. Mike

    I quit on Tuesday. It was unbearable for the first few days but its slowly getting easier. I had smoked every day since I was fourteen and I’m twenty two now. Occasionally this past year, I would get a sensation all of the sudden of breathlessness from my right lung whether stationary or active it didn’t matter. But since I’ve quit I’ve had this worse than ever before. Today was quite scary at times. I’m not anxious so it’s nothing to do with nerves. Is this normal after quitting? Weird thing is I’ve never had a smokers cough nor do I have one at present. I was expecting to have developed one by now to clean out my lungs?

  59. Triona

    Hi there, I’ve been sitting here reading all of your posts and it’s making me more and more confident that I have made the right decision to quit again. You have no idea how many times I have tried to quit. I started when I was twelve years of age. I am almost thirty now. It is the single only thing that I regret in my life. I wish I could shake my twelve year old self and tell her not to start. I have been hypnotized twice, the first time it lasted three months, the second time a week. I am currently on the patches and I honestly do swear by them. They are the only things that get me through. My Mother died of lung and liver cancer at the age of fifty-seven, about three and a half years ago now. I can’t even begin to tell you how much agony she was in, and she was a smoker from the age of seventeen. She smoked her last cigarette the night before she died. Even after all that I have seen, I still managed to keep on smoking, with absolute shame I say this. My older Brother at Christmas told me, “You know this killed our Mother don’t you?” But of course I was very well aware that it killed our Mother, and I continued to smoke. The longest time I was smoke-free was last year for six months. I plan that this time I will kick the habit for good. I am on day four and already I feel better. I started playing football and I think this is what is going to save me from myself and my cravings. I am also taking up a dance class to keep myself busy and active. I find everyone’s post so inspiring and motivating. Thank you all.

  60. Sandy

    Hi Triona … thank you for taking time to read all the helpful content posted on Our goal is to help empower people and educate them on ill effects of the Tobacco industry. They are masterful when it comes enticing people to start smoking at such young ages causing one of the biggest health epidemics in our current times. We are so happy you are taking charge of your wellness and are on the path to recovery! YES, dancing sounds like an wonderful replacement!!! You are on the path to recovery and we applaud you! Yeah!!! Best wishes on your healing journey.

  61. Tim

    I finally quit smoking after smoking for forty four years. I have this horrible taste in my throat and windpipes. Is it the tar and nicotine backing up in my lungs? Is It something I should expect? The taste reminds me of when I got too drunk as a kid at party and puked and that taste won’t go away. This is not as bad but just as persistent. I have been without cigarettes for thirty three days and really don’t want to go back. Any help would be appreciated.

  62. Triona

    Hey Tim, I am going through the same thing myself at the moment. I think it’s just the body’s way of expelling all the toxins out of the body. I have a really sore throat, headache and I’m coughing a lot today. It is also a bit of a psychological thing as well. Sometimes I think our mind plays tricks on us and it’s the body’s way of saying, “if you just have one more cigarette, this cough would go away.” But of course then you’re back to square one. I am still happily smoke-free, and just taking each day as it comes.

  63. Cristina

    Hi Everyone! I have been smoking since I was 13 yrs of age. I’m 53 now so that makes it 40 years of smoking. I’m not proud of it, but I have decided to stop for many reasons, spiritual, health, financial, etc. I’m on my 18th day now and I feel I have so much energy, unbelievable! Yes, why didn’t I do this sooner, but I’m doing it now. My only problem is I get so irritated with the smallest thing and I can’t snap out of it. Some days are better than the others. Yesterday was terrible and ended only when I slept. But today is a sweet day. Thank you Lord! Now the question, how long is this supposed to last? Mind you folks, I’m using the Patch and I’m on 21ml!

  64. Gina

    To Mike – I celebrated 2 years of no smoking in October 2012 – after being a smoker for 23 years. I am now 44. The reason I stopped and in fact what motivated me to quit were the frequent palpitations I experienced for almost 2 years. I would not wish for anyone to experience this, as palpitations are very scary. I chose my health over the “benefits” of smoking. I have never looked back. If I could, so can you, it just takes will power.

  65. Shain

    Today is day 1 down for me, I am 26 yrs old now and I have smoked on and off since the age of 18 or so. So It’s 2:48 in the morning here in Wheeling West Virgina where I have lived all my life and I must say I am not craving a cigarette as expected. Earlier was a different story, but I made it through today without one and I can finally say that I am no longer a smoker. Everyone in my family smokes and I can see this is just the tip of the iceberg, but all in all you want to know how I KNOW 4 SURE I am not ever smoking that POISON again? Because it has been long overdue for me to take back control of my body. The power of will!!! Willpower at It’s finest, I don’t need no more nicotine from a patch or vapor or what have you. I am no longer a slave to my own misinformed and mislead mentality. I am CIGGY FREE BABY!!!!!!! LOL For real I will keep you posted on my progress!!!! ok It is about 3am now and I think I might finally be able to sleep LOL

    1. Sandy Post author

      Shain!Your determination and clarity will be an inspiration to others and will enrich your life as your health recovers! Congrats on your decision to love your self more than the addiction.

  66. becki

    I have been smoke free now for 3 months. I have to say the first 3 weeks where the hardest for me . Now I am so glad I decided to stop smoking after 30 years . I have begun to breathe better and even tho I have gained a few extra pounds I am starting to work on that also to loose the weight and hopefully a few extra that I needed to loose anyway. I tried many times b4 to stop smoking but after a bad bronchitus I knew it was time. Things smell so much better now and I fill like a new person healing more every day . Please dont wait till you get so sick and have done so much damage that theres no hope in sight . You can do it . If I could beleive me anyone can just push thru those first few weeks.

    1. Sandy Post author

      Hi Becki! Congratulations! AND thank you so much for being an example that quitting smoking is possible for long term smokers. Here’s to adding years to your life, as your body rebalances and healing begins! So many rewards are ahead of you, including finding that you offer encouragement that really helps others … including all their love ones who worry about losing those who smoke in their families early. Way to go!

  67. Mike

    Just keep going Tracy despite the side effects of quitting. They will diminish as time goes on. It’s hard to describe how much things better get until you experience them. Taste, smell, breathing, etc. etc. It has been over 2 years for me and I will never go back. Stay strong! You can do it! Blessings.

    1. Tracy Dauphinais

      Sept 8 will be 30 days that I haven’t smoked. I still get the urge but I refuse to buy a pack. I have been having pain on my left side of my chest. Is this normal?

      1. Sandy Post author

        Tracy, congratulations! Stay committed and you will continue to feel better. Aches and pains can be occur for awhile and are normal. They will lessen overtime and you will keep feeling better and better. So wonderful you are doing this for yourself, and also your loved ones. Also, always great to have a health professional monitor you and be sure and take in some good nutritional support which a naturopathic Dr for that.

  68. Tracy Dauphinais

    I went and saw my doctor and was telling her how I quit smoking and was having chest pain and she told me that I was just nervous. I never heard anything like that before. I think I need to goto another doctor and get a second opinion

    1. Sandy Post author

      Second opinions can never hurt. Also, you might find a nurse practitioner who specializes in smoking cessation who can continue to support you through the next few months. I know symptoms can vary till your body rebalances and healing begins to accelerate. I noticed pharmacies like CVS offer nurse practitioner support that most insurance plans will cover.

  69. Joe

    Seven and 1/2 months for me. Normally I do not think about smoking but once in a while the urge strikes. Does not last long but need to be careful. I smoked 20 years, quit for 13 years, started again and smoked for 7 years, then I quit. I used Bupropion and it was easy this time, guess I was ready.

    I try not to go to smoky places to avoid the temptation. Otherwise just live with my wife-non smoker- and just try to stay away from smoking.

    Best of luck to everyone on here.

  70. Mike


    your lungs are trying to clear out. Drink lots of clean water. 2-3x normal amount. Avoid milk, dairy, bread and other mucus producing foods. Eat fresh organic veggies and produce.

  71. Steve Jackson

    Had a bout of Pneumonia last Xmas eve and that was enough for me to stop smoking. 55 years old and been smoking for 40. Thought it would be really hard but cannot believe how easy it has been. 5 months next week. The only symptom I had and still have is bad tasting food. My wife bought me a Nespresso for Xmas and I still have not touched it. Potatoes and rice are awful, even bread so it seems to be starch is the problem. Cant bare to be in the kitchen when meat or potatoes are being cooked. The smell makes me want to throw up. Some days better than others but as most people say that your taste buds get better I hope it hurries up because im living on tomato soup at the moment.

  72. Steve Jackson

    Had pneumonia which made me stop smoking. Then I had a pulmonary embolism. Next week will be 6 months. Was a smoker for over 40 years. To be honest it was really easy giving up but only because I was ill. My biggest problem still is most food smells and tastes awful. Some days better than others. At first everything tasted really salty. Now it is better but I am suffering with the smell of mainly meat and pasta. Cannot even be in the kitchen sometimes when it is cooking let alone eat it. Is this normal and if so how long will this last. Thanks

  73. Laken

    I quit smoking cold turkey 10 days ago. I have quit several times in the past and it was always a horrible experience, but I always felt really good until I failed.
    This time though, I can really feel the difference. It was the easiest time I have ever had. I have had access to cigs the entire time, but I just simply don’t have the urge anymore. The only thing I wish is that I could speed up the healing process and not have this nasty cough or the horrible taste. And the fatigue is pretty horrible too. Still, I know that I am healing and that I will feel better soon. I wish that quitting smoking was this easy for everyone. Those nasty little things can’t control me anymore!


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