Thirdhand Smoke Effects DNA

On March 17th, 2014 Fox News reported new findings on the effects of “thirdhand smoke” from cigarettes and how it can damage DNA.

The revealing information points to the significant consequences secondhand some has on personal and home furnishings when they become covered with second hand smoke.

Items like clothing, drapes and curtains, all types of furniture, carpets, wallpaper (really any item where second hand smoke adheres) become permanent toxic delivery vehicles.

Bo Hang, at the Lawrence Berkeley lab, found that when nicotine in secondhand smoke reacts with nitrous acid in the air, it creates new compounds called nitrosamines. Hang discovered that these nitrosamines can bond to human DNA in a way that damages genes and gives rise to the potential for cells to become cancerous.

Children are at greater risk of coming into contact with nitrosamines as they crawl about, drop things and pick them up, put their fingers in their mouths.

Thirdhand smoke is there all the time – means that your exposure doesn’t end when they put that cigarette out. You’re being exposed constantly,” Schick from the University of California commented.

Thirdhand Smoke Adheres to WallsThe entire news report reveals how the effects of smoking in a home can linger long after the smokers move from the residence. This revealing study makes one think twice before buying a car, RV, home or any used item that belonged to a smoker.

One study examined homes that were previously occupied by smokers and the effects on children who moved into them. They found the children actually had higher levels of nicotine in their blood than children who moved into non-smoking homes.

Firsthand, secondhand, and now thirdhand smoke reveals that effects linger and can harm anyone in contact.

To read the entire article and watch the video news feed, visit > Thirdhand Smoke Poses Cancer Risk

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