Tobacco Industry Lied About Second-Hand Smoke

Tobacco Industry Efforts Undermining Evidence Linking Secondhand Smoke With Cardiovascular Disease

Tobacco companies have funded nearly 50 studies on the link between secondhand smoke and heart disease

But when scientists found a connection, the industry skewed their conclusions or stopped funding them, report University of California researchers.

The researchers — Eliza Tong of UC Davis and UC San Francisco’s Stanton Glantz — analyzed 5,000 internal company documents uncovered by lawsuits.

Their findings, recently published in Circulation, are the first such review of the industry’s work on secondhand smoke and heart disease. Scientists agree that frequent exposure ups disease risk by 30 percent.

Ashtray Secondhand SmokeSurprisingly, the only major media outlet to pick this story up was the Sacramento Bee.

Have journalists become so cynical and novelty-consumed that we don’t even bother to tell the public when tobacco companies are once again caught in a cover up that, in ethical if not legal terms, is close to murder?

Sacramento Bee
Source: Brandon Keim, WiredScience

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