Stop Smoking Book Offers an Holistic Approach to Quit

Every now and then we come across a resource that we feel deserves some attention.

The following is a review of a stop smoking book of which we recently became aware.

We appreciate its holistic and individual approach to quit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are popping up all over the internet, but the concern of nicotine dependence is still a problem. Whereas holistic approaches are much better when they work and this book claims “You Can Unlock the Power to Quit Struggle-Free.”

Stop Smoking for the Last Time

A quit book by George Wissing, says it all in the title: Stop Smoking for the Last Time

If you’re a smoker who loves someone who smokes this stop smoking book may be worth its weight in gold to you. Quitting smoking, even discussing it, can be a difficult, stressful, and emotional matter.

While there are many smokers out there, despite the universal knowledge of its harmful impact on health, there are just as many programs that promise to help the hopeless smoker finally quit, once and for all.

This popular stop smoking book just may be the a real solution.

I’ve reviewed numerous quitting smoking programs and stop smoking books all offering success. However, I found one important difference between those programs and George Wissing’s approach and his stop smoking book.

Not All Smokers Are the Same

In Stop Smoking for the Last Time, Wissing has one notable, potentially important difference in his approach to the smoker.

He realizes that all smokers are different. They smoke for different reasons, to more or lesser degrees, and therefore the approach each of them needs to quit should also be different.

In this book Wissing attends to tobacco users as individual smokers and deals effectively with their unique reasons to smoke rather than a one fits all solution.

In the first few pages of this powerful book you’ll discover exactly what kind of smoker you are.

  • Do you smoke to cope?
  • Are you conditioned to smoke under certain circumstances like driving or when you drink alcohol?
  • Do you only smoke in social settings?
  • Or are you physically addicted to nicotine?

Discover the 3 C’s of Smoking

In Wissing’s stop smoking book you’ll learn about the 3 C’s of smoking (coping, conditioning, and chemical dependence) and how much each of them impacts you and the choice you make to smoke.

Are you a Category 1, Category 2, or Category 3 smoker?

For each type of smoker Wissing offers a specific, powerful plan to help kick the habit – forever!

In this empowering stop smoking book you’ll begin to peel away the layers about the real reason you smoke. You start to consider if you’re smoking out of physical dependence or is the real trigger emotional?

A Stop Smoking Book with a Holistic Approach

pic-stop-smokingWissing’s knowledge and ability to help smokers quit, no matter which Category of smoker they are, comes from his years of experience treating smokers of all types in his New York, Larchmont office.

Wissing is a Holistic mind-body, spiritual practitioner who uses his expertise in this book for quitting to treat the whole, entire person and deals with all the reasons they smoke.

I found the book easy to read, interesting, and empowering. It is a different type of stop smoking method, as it doesn’t use just one, comprehensive approach to help the smoker quit but addressed the individual with a one to one approach to enable the smoker to kick the habit for good and enjoy a healthy, whole life again.

To learn more visit Amazon > Stop Smoking for the Last Time


To learn more visit Amazon > Stop Smoking for the Last Time

8 thoughts on “Stop Smoking Book Offers an Holistic Approach to Quit

  1. George

    Thanks for the kind words. If anyone has any questions about the book or how to quit smoking using the power of the mind, feel free to ask. George Wissing, Author, Stop Smoking for the Last Time.

  2. Atlanta Stop Smoking

    I agree with every word in the post. For too many years I was looking for a solution to my problem of smoking. And I found it a few months ago. Smoking is a problem of all. Thank you for the interesting and important information, Greg.

  3. Rudolph

    Very nice article. I was wondering , what is your thoughts on electronic cigarettes? I have been smoking them for about 2 month now , and I almost smoke it 0 mg of nicotine. I would love to hear your opinion on this subject.

  4. Kathy M.

    I tried the Allen Carrs Quit smoking book and it worked like a charm. There’s this site called, and it has a lot of stories of other peoples attempts to quit. It was a good read to gain motivation for me as well.

  5. George

    Greg, congratulations! So glad you are free from the beast! Feel free to e-mail with your story at

    Rudolph, my opinion is you may be trading one type of addiction for another, why not shoot for complete freedom from smoking dependence? But hey, if it is safe, it’s your life and money, right?

    Kathy, Allen Carr is one of my heroes! Carr has passed some years ago and he wrote his book decades ago. I like to think Stop Smoking for the Last Time has taken his work into the 21st century. It definitely influenced my work.

    Keep those cards and letters coming! gw

  6. Sandy Post author

    Speaking of electronic cigarettes, for a person who is a heavy smoker and psychologically thinks they need to trade one habit for another, an electronic cigarette may be an option. But really why not go for a healthy vapor pipe that delivers an ingredient that will not only make you feel good, but it is good for you too. Plus there is science behind it! Essential Vapor Pipes

  7. Sandy Post author

    Hey! Check out the short video above of author, George Wissing as he shares the Stop Smoking for the Last Time benefits you will realize through reading his book. Please write and share your experiences! We would love to hear them. Thanks!

  8. George

    I like the vapor pipes because you’re not using nicotine. But being dependent on anything is really not freedom. We are dependent on breathing and peace of mind so if you use a tool to help you do those things, like a vapor pipe or yoga, or meditation, great. But there’s no reason to replace smoking with another vice. But we all need to breathe and relax and there are healthier ways than smoking!


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