Over The Bridge and Through the Woods

To big tobacco’s house we go?

Quitting smoking involves a major life change and does strange things to the human psyche.

We can convince ourselves of almost anything if we truly grasp onto a belief in our minds.

Thinking that you cannot quit smoking is one such belief that will literally kill you!

As a very young child, I thought that I would never be able to tie my shoes. Mother always tied them for me without taking the time to teach me how.

I vaguely remember sitting in my room practicing how to tie with tears streaming down my cheeks. Having little or no instruction with a new process often makes it difficult to accomplish the process at one sitting.

Green River Timber Crib DamThroughout our lives, we try on new learning experiences.

When we graduate high school, we enter either college or the work force. When we get married, we learn how to work an intimate relationship or how to dump our partner in a divorce. Before we start a business, we learn how to write a business plan.

The process of quitting smoking is a learning experience too! You cannot simply quit smoking after twenty years and not take into consideration that there may be some physical, mental, and emotional discomforts (quit smoking baggage.)

If you anticipate that quitting is a painful process, this idea will ignite a desire to flee (smoke) or stay and fight (remain quit.)

Ideas first spark in the mind. Once an idea ignites, you can toss it in the trunk or become a driver and steer the vehicle. The ideas in your mind can also be like passengers or the driver in a car. You have a driver who is in charge of getting the car and passengers to a destination.

You have passengers who anticipate that the driver and the car will get them to a destination. The passengers are always dependent upon the driver and the vehicle. The driver is always dependent upon the vehicle.

Once you realize that you are the only one who can make the choice to steer your thoughts away from the destination of big tobacco, you will learn to embrace a new sense of freedom and power over crave thoughts. Remember that big tobacco wants you to think that you need their product in order to live life to the fullest.

Have you ever wondered why Philip Morris USA supports a single, consistent public health message on the role of cigarette smoking in the development of disease in smoker’s yet they continue to peddle death and disease?

Cigarette companies spend millions of dollars each year on marketing and research alone. Big tobacco wants lifetime consumers and they know that in order to train a child in the way they should go, that they have to begin this process of subtle advertising by consistently innovating new ways to market their product to our youth.

In the United States, smoking-related illnesses account for more than 440,000 deaths each year. Please do not allow big tobacco to manipulate and control how long you live.

Life in itself is precious. Take back your lives from big tobacco and do it now, before it is too late.

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