The Nicotine Patch – Is it a Gimmick?

You want to stop smoking and you say you want help.

So you do your research on the nicotine patches that are available.

You decide on a product and you start the process of wearing the patch for ten to thirty or more days.

And at the end you should have eventually beaten the smoking habit.

But have you really? Has the patch along with the tips like drinking a certain amount of water daily, eating more fruits and vegetables helped? Has changing your daily diet and keeping track of your intake of certain foods helped to beat the craving for tobacco?

Nicotine Patch – A Psychological Enhancement Aid

Using Nicotine PatchesThe patch (choose any brand) acts as a psychological enhancement to make you think that it is helping you to quit smoking. It is a psychological win for the pharmaceutical industry because they provided the nicotine patch.

It is a psychological win for employers who working along with the pharmaceutical companies will give discounts and incentives for purchasing certain brands of patches. It is their way of saying they did their part for their nicotine cessation programs as part of their health and wellness curriculum.

The developers and promoters of the nicotine patches are hoping to really help you break the habit. They are hoping it will save both you and them down the road by decreasing or eradicating the healthcare costs for possible lung cancer illnesses.

The patches designed for smoking cessation may be a psychological win for you because you may feel that you have done your part to try and quit. The thinking behind daily patch use is that you will stop smoking, and hopefully in time before contracting lung cancer or other smoking related illnesses and diseases.

But, the truth of the matter is the patch use is really psychological. The nicotine patch you are using still contains the nicotine that got you addicted to smoking in the first place. Although the nicotine may not be the killer from cigarette smoking, rather the tar and carbon monoxide by product, but it is still a very unhealthy substance.

Nicotine Patch Side Effects

Yes the patch may help for a while but what if you have allergic reactions or skin irritations from the mix of the adhesive and nicotine contained within the patch that you have chosen to wear?

This happens quite often because skin is sensitive and the first indicator of nicotine patch side effects with external use is skin discomfort and irritations. Certain brands also state that for the first couple of days when using the patch you may side effects:

Known nicotine patch side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

This happens while your body gets acclimated to using a patch. But even if you get past all the patch side effects and do not suffer irritations or the other side effects how long can you afford the cost of purchasing the patch, even if you receive nicotine patch discounts and incentives?

Okay don’t weaken from your desire to stop smoking and sustain from this unhealthy habit. There are much better alternatives, but if this an accessible alternative just remember it may be all psychological.

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Nicotine Side Effects

2 thoughts on “The Nicotine Patch – Is it a Gimmick?

  1. John Barrett

    Bizarre dreams, bizarre doesn’t even begin to cover it. Absolutely insane starts to, but I can’t help but think that the English language doesn’t have wording strong enough to describe the dreams. I’ve woken up quite a few times in a cold sweat from these dreams, and I almost never remember my dreams normally. Nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, exactly as it sounds. I felt like I was about to fall down and puke at the same time. This is supposed to be a rare occurrence, but hearing that didn’t really help. It still sucked. Skin irritation,
    this wasn’t really bad but it’s worth mentioning. The area around where the patch was applied got nice and red and stayed that way for a few days after I stopped using the patch. Comparatively, though, I didn’t really mind this one. Conclusion, yeah the side effects aren’t great. I personally didn’t have much luck quitting with the nicotine patch. I used something called the Easy Quit System, which is akin to quitting cold turkey, only easier. Many people seem to swear by them. I personally wouldn’t use it just because of how bad the side effects are.

  2. Mary

    The nicotine patch used as directed by the counselor in my smoking cessation group worked very well for me. I am now smoke free for five months and patch-free for one. I wore the patch 24-7 to deal with AM cravings. Twenty-one Mg. for two months, then fourteen. I stopped using the patch because I had an allergic reaction to penicillin and didn’t want to aggravate my skin. I would have used it for six months or maybe more. The real key was resolving all ambivalence about stopping smoking. Completely devaluing it.


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