Measure 50 Fails in Oregon

Measure 50 would have raised the tax on a pack of cigarettes by 85 cents to pay for children’s health care and other programs in Oregon.

Don’t let this failure for the health of Oregon’s children lead you to believe that Big Tobacco will always win.

There will always be web sites like Ciggyfree to point out how Big Tobacco manipulates people, our land, our air, and even rewires our brains.

Tobacco addiction is the intention of this industry which in turn reduces the quality of all human life on our planet — all for the sake of padding the selfish coffers of their corporate greed.

CoveringShame on YOU BIG TOBACCO and shame on those who support Big Tobacco.
You are all a bunch of moraless souls putting profits above the value of life.

6 thoughts on “Measure 50 Fails in Oregon

  1. Cesare

    Sit on your high horse and complain all you like, that tax was unfair and unconstitutional, that’s the reason it failed, as a smoker why should i be responsible for little Timmy when he lives on the other side of town and why should one minority group pay for your health care, that was not a tax on the companies, it was an unfair assault on people’s freedom to do as they choose, who are you to tell me that “Were going to make it so expensive that you HAVE to quit”, that ain’t you place, if you don’t like it then tough, i know the risk of smoking and i choose to do it anyhow, that’s my right.

  2. robbster

    I feel sorry for you!

    Yes indeed, it is your choice to choose Big tobacco and to support your addiction as cheaply as you can, but our children do not have a choice against ignorant decisions made by adults…

  3. cesare

    The children have got squat to do with me, my smoking has had NO effect on them, how would you react to a fat tax? tax the overweight people so hard that they have no choice but to loose weight because they can’t afford to eat like they were, i bet that would be a tragedy in your high and mighty eyes, how about we tax the people who drive SUVs because they pollute more and the fumes make the children sick while we claim that the reason for the tax is because they need to stop driving them anyhow? wouldn’t that be unfair? the bottom line is that you cannot expect to get away with being a bully forever, i smoke and i smoke because i WANT to smoke, i like it and have no intention of stopping, big tobacco has no pull, get a life and focus your energy on it rather than trying to tell others what’s good for them.

  4. cesare

    My money says your a hypocritical X smoker who thinks the world should quit because you did, i also enjoy how you can’t come up with an intelligent reply, as far as you not flaming me, people like you did for months straight spouting off about my “Evil Habit” and how “I don’t care about the uninsured children”. I never once seen one of you people who cares so much about “helping” the children lift a finger to actually do some good, all you can do is spread your propaganda and act like you people own the planet.

  5. robbster

    My issue is with helpless children who do not have any rights because they have to breathe secondhand smoke, or they have to suffer the consequences of generational smoking.

    I strongly believe that tobacco companies owe society for their deceptions – my father-in-law smoked his entire life and tobacco ended his life with smoking-related diseases of COPD, Emphysema, and lung cancer.


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