Tobacco Industry Marketing in Indiana Tops 239 Million

While cigarette companies are subtle in their approach, they have aggressive intentions.

The tobacco industry spends an estimated $239 million annually for marketing in Indiana alone.

This is a lot of money, perhaps it is because they need to find replacement smokers, because their loyal customers are dying every day.

~ Our View – IndyStar

Camel No. 9 sounds pretty, but it’s not.

2 thoughts on “Tobacco Industry Marketing in Indiana Tops 239 Million

  1. Bryttany

    Regardless of intentions or horrifying results, Camel must be applauded in the sense that they have truly caught the eyes of modern smokers.
    As sickening as it is that they’re targeting women and young girls with No. 9’s, or those seeking fun and control with their new “Crush’s”– they’ve truly hit marketing success. Camel, in my eyes, is the master of all advertising…how unfortunate.


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