Not Stopping Smoking, So What’s Your Excuse?

A smoker can have all the reason in the world to quit, but still be able to come up with an excuse not to.

There are many excuses smokers hang on to in order to avoid smoking cessation.

Some of the reasons smokers use include fear of physical, emotional, and interpersonal stress.

But excuses are not reasons.

Common Excuses For Not Quitting Smoking

I don’t want to get fat.

Some people may gain weight after quitting smoking, but once cigarettes are no longer an unhealthy lifestyle habit, new habits can be adopted—like healthy eating and regular exercise.

Some people are just smokers, and I’m one of them.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve smoked or how old you are, you can be someone else other than a smoker.

Your body will undergo significant transformations as well: after 24 hours of being smoke free, the carbon dioxide levels in the body will disappear, and after one year the risk of heart attack will be cut in half.

I smoke when I’m out with my friends.

It can be intimidating to change one’s lifestyle, but finding a quit-buddy will help with motivation and temptation while encouraging a different social atmosphere.

I’m way too stressed.

Stress is a normal part of everyone’s life and there are other ways to deal with it other than with cigarettes.

My grandparents smoked until they were 90.

This is nothing more than a random example of luck. Besides, it’s not just the length of one’s life, but the quality.

I don’t smoke very much anyway!

Every cigarette smoked, whether it’s one a day or fifty a day, has the same chemical composition and the same negative health consequences attached to it.

I smoke ‘Light’ cigarettes, so it’s okay.

Light cigarettes are still dangerous, and maybe even more so in some cases because of additional additives. The label should never be used to justify smoking.

It’s way too hard.

Yes, it is, and no one who’s done it would disagree. But quitting is not impossible.

There are many more excuses smokers use to justify why they haven’t quit or haven’t tried to. But always remember that an excuse is never a reason.

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1 thought on “Not Stopping Smoking, So What’s Your Excuse?

  1. Chris

    Sounds like all of the excuses I used to use. Once I was able to stop making excuses for myself I finally started making progress. Smoke free almost 2 years.


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