Congratulations Hes On 60 Days Smokefree

If you want some encouragement to quit smoking, connect with someone who has and learn from them.

After thirty years of smoking Hes is currently 8 Weeks, 4 Days, 2 Hours, 36 Minutes, 59 Seconds, (60 Total Days) smoke free.

Hes has not smoked 2402 Cigarettes.

You can actually watch Hes’ progress, and if he is online even chat with him!

To do so, visit > My Quit Smoking Statistics

Picture of FireworksHuge Congratulations to a great guy.

We visited Hes’s website today for an update, and he is now 119 weeks smokefree. The money he has saved is over $4000.00, and his body is free from the tar and chemicals in 33448 cigarettes!

Please visit Hes’ website, offer some congratulations, and please leave a comment if you have a live chat!

Keep up the good work Hes, Ciggyfree is proud of you!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Hes On 60 Days Smokefree

  1. robbster

    Pssssst I really am proud of you!!! I have been extreme busy and a not such a great mentor lately.

    Excerpt from my 3 year quit anniversary post:

    The secret to a good quit is to make a conscious decision to not light another cigarette. This means that you take personal responsibility for your own quit. Either you want to live or you want to die. There is no lukewarm. Smoking will kill you.


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