I Quit Cold Turkey Three Years Ago Today

I have been so busy that if I had not checked my e-mail (thanks Rosie for reminding me.) I probably would have slid right past the three-year mark with barely a whisper!

You are perhaps wondering how I arrived at this precious milestone? It took time, research, dedication, stubbornness, and a strong desire to succeed.

I never really had a strong human support system nor did any forum really do anything to help me maintain my quit. Though I once belonged to a group called The Leapers, there was not a whole lot of support there either.

I did have people along the way (Rosie, Maddie, and GoddessXena) who took the time to be supportive when they could.

Girl Bull FighterThe bulk of my support arrived via my own research and putting my heart and soul into the creation of Ciggyfree.com. To be perfectly frank, I was my own best cheerleader. I had to learn to support my own quit and never expect another person to pick me up if I fell down.

I come from a long line of strong willed Scottish/Irish women, and we are women who run through life destined to take any bull by the horns and beat it into submission. Quitting smoking was just another bull to ride in this game called life.

In the past, I quit hundreds of times. I was a serial quitter. I could fit any smoking profile from party girl to closet smoker. Whatever social situation I found myself in would always provide the protocol on how I would sooth this beast of addiction.

In the end my brain had been rewired by consistent exposure to over 4,000 chemicals, including arsenic, ammonia, and formaldehyde in every cigarette that I ever inhaled through time.

The secret to a good quit is to make a conscious decision to not light another cigarette. This means that you take personal responsibility for your own quit. Either you want to live or you want to die. There is no lukewarm. Smoking will kill you.

There is no Freedom without Courage. I have been free for 3Y. I have saved $4,310.03 by not smoking 21,928 cigarettes. I have saved 5M 1D 6h 40m of my life.

8 thoughts on “I Quit Cold Turkey Three Years Ago Today

  1. Sarah and Steve

    Wow!! Way to go on reaching VOF! That is an amazing gift you have given yourself, and the fact that you don’t think of your anniversary anymore speaks to the qualities I admire in you. I think you are such a strong and supportive woman. Thanks for helping me in my quit! See you in chat someday!

  2. zzyzx

    Congratulations you VOF, you! What a damn fine milestone for you. You are right when you say it is all about personal responsibility. Well done, indeed!

  3. Steven Harold

    Congratulations. I think your secret is in making that conscious decision as opposed to saying “i’ll try and see what happens”. For me a decision is more definite than “trying” to do something. May you continue to inspire others.

  4. eeyore

    Hi Robbster
    Had a look on AS3 for you and couldn’t see you so I tracked you down here to say congratulations!

    I’m sorry i wasn’t a great support for you in the leapers. I guess I took the view that I had to rely on myself early on, and i had a lot of real life shit going on, a lot of which I didn’t want to post about, so I kind of fell into lurking in AS3 after a couple of months. As the group was down to three or four by then, me disappearing probably had an effect, so I’m sorry about that. But hey, we may not have been the best support group on the planet, but we’re fabulous independent women who had the inner strength to do it anyway! Congratulations on your VOF and here’s to many more years ciggy free!

    Trish x

    Two years, eleven months, three weeks, four days, 12 hours, 1 minute and 26 seconds. 32715 cigarettes not smoked, saving £6,264.93. Life saved: 16 weeks, 1 day, 14 hours, 15 minutes.

  5. Peggiesue

    Robbster how great for you and a wonderful inspiration to all of us who stumble upon this web site! Support is needed, appreciated and wanted but you are right, the majority of the quit comes from within. I am very proud and happy for you. I know the strength you used to achieve your 3 years of non smoking will carry through to other areas in your life and great things will be happening to you!



  6. robbster

    Sarah & Steve – thanks for stopping by the blog and wonderful to chat with both of you x0x0x

    Thanks zzyzx, best to you and I hope that your quit is still strong.

    eeyore!!! What a prezzie to see you stop by here!!!I am so pleased that your meter is riding along just fine! I am going to be emailing you shortly.
    Thanks! xx00x0x

    Peggiesue- thank you so much for your support and vote of confidence. Please stop by often and hang in here. (((((hug)))))

    Take care everyone – all comments are very much appreciated!


  7. Estelle

    Hi Robb, I am so very happy for you. You have acomplished what you intended to do, stop smoking. To reach 3 years is WOMDERFUL. YOU GO GIRL! lOTS OF HUGS, Estelle

  8. Tropes

    Hi Robb
    If it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t know where NH was. Congrats on smelling good for three years and remember when it comes to boys lungs, BIGGER IS BETTER.


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