Cigarette Companies Light Up More Donations Against Measure 50

In a last-drag effort to defeat Oregon’s 85-cents-a-pack tax increase on cigarettes, the makers of Camel smokes tossed in another $905,000 today against the fight to crush Measure 50.

Today’s donation puts tobacco contributions at a staggering record of $10 million so far.

Reynolds American, the producers of Camel, has now contributed $4.2 million to the campaign against Measure 50.

The other $5.8 million has come from Philip Morris, the maker of Marlboro’s.

In case you were wondering what Measure 50 will do, well, allow us to tell you what it will do: Money raised from the tax increase for cigarettes would be used to pay for children’s health insurance and other health programs.

Measure 50 will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot, with ballots being mailed next week.

Map of OregonWhile at least 10 other Oregon ballot measure campaigns have raised more than $5 million in adjusted-for-inflation dollars during the past 20 years, only one raised more than $7 million and none raised more than $8 million, the Oregonian reported.

Source: Joseph Friedrichs, New West

2 thoughts on “Cigarette Companies Light Up More Donations Against Measure 50

  1. Greg

    We all know cigs are horrible for our health.

    So horrible in fact… we should outlaw them!

    Whoops…….there goes billions in tax revenue!!!

    Who would oppose such a ban on cigs? The same hypocrite groups who support measure 50, that’s who!

    Well,… wait a minute now…. maybe cigs aren’t all that bad after all eh?

    No on measure 50!

    So….. am I a smoker or non smoker?

    You decide.

  2. Janice

    It’s sounds to me like you hate helping people and it’s all about you. Children in Oregon need this help. As a matter of fact, not only do children in Oregon, but children all over the world. Please re-think on what you are doing to children. They need your help.


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