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Without Water We are Nothing

In my travels around the internet today I ran across an exceptionally interesting article that I felt we must share with you.

On a larger scale our planet is fueled by water and without water, our planet could not sustain life.

I think that every human on this planet has been touched by tainted water supplies. We are all 1-3 degrees connected via toxins, drugs, or skewed DNA. We can’t get away from it.

On a smaller scale the human body is fueled by our blood supply and without blood we cannot exist

With ten pints of blood the heart can pump enough through the arteries to get to our lungs and every other tissue in our body! The connectedness of water and blood leaves me wondering if perhaps we are all addicts to the substances pumped into our environment?

[BARCELONA, SPAIN] — Researchers from the University of Barcelona and water corporation Group Agbar have found that conventional drinking water treatment sequences can remove “drugs of abuse,” both legal and illegal, from contaminated water, according to a recent article in Environmental Science & Technology.

The researchers took samples of water from Spain’s Llobregat River and its tributaries, where more than 55 treatment plants dump their treated wastewater. Sampling was performed at more than a dozen sites during different seasons over a one year period, followed by one year of regular monitoring.

The group tested for drugs such as LSD, phencyclidine (PCP), cocaine, ecstasy, caffeine and nicotine. Data shows the river was flooded with caffeine and trace levels of nicotine, and contained about 15 grams of cocaine per day, according to the article. Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), which is known by the street name ecstasy, was also found.

The water was free from drugs after undergoing water treatment procedures, such as aluminum-based coagulants and flocculants, sand filters, ozone, and chlorination, according to the article.

Researchers also observed that cocaine and ecstasy levels spike during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season, and levels of cocaine and benzoylecgonine, one of cocaine’s metabolites, spike after weekends. Nicotine and caffeine concentrations are steady year around, with slight increases in the summer and decreases in the fall, according to the article.

Clean Drinking Water Assists DetoxResearchers now question if drugs will be removed effectively if a more simple water treatment method is applied. Also in question is the type of disinfection byproducts that can be generated while treating water contaminated with these drugs, according to the article.
Source: EBSCO Industries