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New Zealand, Clearly Becoming Smoke-Free

If you want to stop smoking then pack your bag and fly over to New Zealand.

While you are there New Zealand tobacco regulatory agencies will offer you the facts on smoking dangers and by 2017 you may have to leave the country to buy tobacco products.

New Zealand is one of the many countries incorporating smoking bans, and like Canada they are banning smoking in your car.

Under the Influence While Driving

In New Zealand now you could be fined for smoking while driving in your car.

If you are a cigarette smoker you may be asking, “Do they fine people if they are not driving, but just sitting by the side of the road with the car ignition off?”

Or you might even ask, “Is there a smoking airbag that will explode if I am smoking in my car?”

Seriously, it does matter if you smoke while driving. You are polluting the air around you with second hand smoke. Windows up, windows down; it doesn’t matter.

Passengers who are riding with you including young children are also subject to your second hand smoke that could lead to potential harm, like contributing to asthma and other bronchial ailments.

It’s a Matter of Respecting Others

Young children are more at risk for these ailment because their lungs, like the rest of their bodies are still in the development stage.

The casual cigarette puff near a crib where an infant may be sleeping has been known to result in Sudden Death Syndrome. Children’s lungs actually take in more air because they breathe faster. They are unable to turn away from the smoke and of course infants do not know how harmful the smoke from tobacco is or even what it is.

A child who is around an adult smoker might draw closer to the lite cigarette because it is something new and their curious minds want to investigate. They do not know any better.

Adults may not want to smell your second hand smoke either. Many people are polite and will tolerate the fumes when they accompany you walking, driving or riding in a car.

Also, think about it. Many friends will endure second hand smoke before offending you. You might ask how you will feel if in time they suddenly fall victim of an unexplained bronchial infection, cancer, and other ailments that are known to be smoker related.

New Zealand’s Stop Regulations and Initiative

If we take the initiative and see what’s working for the people of New Zealand, (we are not saying they are doing everything right) we might learn something. Their smoking rates are considerably lower than those in other countries, including the US.

Why not concentrate on more aggressive efforts to teach our kids not to smoke. How about becoming a good example by not smoking nor exposing our children to friends who still smoke. These three actions would be a good start.

Paying higher premiums for healthcare services could also be a major game changer to help smokers quit.

New Zealand is on the right track to help smoking statistics drop in their country, which will in turn improve the quality of life for everyone. In fact, on September 5th,  2007, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) in New Zealand called for the removal of tobacco from sale by 2017.

Changing Your Mind About Smoking

Sometimes changing one’s mind at its core can be experienced in a blazing epiphany in a flash of a moment.

But not often. The type of change to lose the urge to smoke generally consists of acts not monumental, but incremental.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, those reasons can be removed from the subconscious.

Once that’s done, there is no reason left to smoke, therefore no urge.

Picture of the MindThe difference between just stopping smoking and removing the reasons for smoking is the difference between being a smoker living in denial and truly being a non-smoker.

Open your mind to see smoking habits differently, and freedom is a possibility.

The first has urges that are constantly, perpetually, subconsciously denied.

The second never has an urge because they never have a reason creating one.

No matter how much a person says they like to smoke, I’ve never found one who didn’t like not smoking even more.

We cannot change the past, but we can change the way we remember it, and how those memories affect our lives today.

1.1 Million Smokers Quit on No Smoking Day 2007 (UK)

Figures released today show that 1.1 million smokers (1 in 10) actually stopped smoking on last month’s No Smoking Day (14 March) and a third of all smokers took a positive step towards stopping smoking.

The charity behind the No Smoking Day ‘Make a fresh start’ campaign has seen a surge in the numbers of people who have requested information to organize events on No Smoking Day and the increased demand is due to the UK’s smoke free legislation coming into force this year.

Many employers sought the chance to get ahead of the ban and used No Smoking Day as the day to change their policies and help their staff to quit smoking.

Analysis showed that there was an increase in the number of smokers using help to quit on the Day rather than going it alone. Vishnee Sauntoo, Campaign Manager for the No Smoking Day charity, said: “It is really important that smokers who want to stop seek help in their quit attempt.

We know that stopping smoking is difficult on your own. There is a range of help available from a free local NHS Stop Smoking Service to nicotine patches or gum from your local pharmacy. However you choose to stop, there is always someone to help and support you.”

Any smokers who quit on No Smoking Day will already be feeling the benefits.

A 20-a-day smoker will have almost £180 extra in their pocket – a nice weekend break in Europe or a shopping trip getting ready for the summer – using the extra energy they’ve got! Not only will their sense of taste and smell come back – they will smell a lot fresher too! Blood pressure will be back to normal and there will be no carbon monoxide or nicotine left in the body.

No Smoke Sign Smokers who didn’t join in on No Smoking Day – don’t despair!

Help and support is available all year round. NHS Stop Smoking Services offer free help that can make it four times more likely that a smoker will succeed in stopping smoking.

To find out where your local stop smoking service is log onto www.nosmokingday.org.uk or call 0800 169 0 169

Source: Femalefirst.co.uk

Be True To Your Quit

During the Early Days (daze) staying quit seems out of reach, like if only you could just have that one puff it would, could, should set you free!

Think before you reach.

One puff could equal one to two packs for the next five, ten, or twenty years, or perhaps a lifetime of smoking.

You have the power.

Picture of EyesWill you choose to deny or comply?

What will your choice be?

Will you choose to be chained to addiction or opt to be free?