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China Moves Toward Smoke-Free Olympics

Watch this short video about Chinese cigarette smokers and how the Chinese medical clinics for smokers are not a priority.

Even the most educated of Chinese don’t know about the dangers of smoking and the government is facing a huge health crisis.

It is very difficult to find a non-smoking restaurant when going out to dine so in China temptation to smoke is everywhere.

Just recently, in preparing for the Olympics, China has imposed a partial ban on smoking in public places in line with its aim to hold a smoke-free Olympic Games.

Melissa Chan reports from Beijing.

China’s Smoking Related Deaths – 45 Percent From Secondhand Smoke

“In China, we are looking at something like 100,000 people dying a year from passive smoking, and about 45 percent of that will be from chronic lung disease.”

~K.K. Cheung, Birmingham University in Britain

Secondhand smoke is a growing concern in China. It is difficult to find public places free of smokers.

The dangers of smoking cigarettes is not fully understood.

Passive Smoking“The rest of the smoking related deaths are from coronary heart disease and lung cancer,” comments K.K. Cheung

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