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About Smoking Dreams

Last night I had an intense smoking dream.

It was like having a dream within a dream.

In this dream, I inadvertently reached for a cigarette while having a beer at a party.

I took one puff, realized that I did not smoke anymore, and quickly tossed it on the floor.

This peanut strewn floor was at least six inches in height, littered with peanut shells, and cigarette butts. I also saw an old oversized exit door standing on broken hinges that creaked and obviously needed oiling.

Outside this door was a moat filled with water that surrounded the house. In this dream, I could smell and see cigarette smoke wafting throughout the room.

Two years and nine months ago, I quit smoking. During the early days, I had quite a few smoking dreams and at times would wake up crying because I thought I broke my quit!

Today smoking dreams are very rare and I generally am able to think while inside the smoking dream that I am only dreaming. This is something that I was not able to do during the infant stage of my quit. The first year was indeed a rough time with dreams that appeared so real I believed that I was actually smoking!

I always told myself that I was only dreaming and that my quit was still safe but at the same time, I was worried that I had truly compromised my quit.

During year two, I had a few volatile smoking dreams but knew during the dream that they probably were not realistic. Now that I have passed the terrible twos, I am pleased to report that smoking dreams are manageable and no longer upset me.

I am also able to discern within the dream that I am actually dreaming and not really participating in the activity of smoking. I am able to disconnect from the activity performed in the dream and acknowledge that the activity is not real.

Smoking dreams happen but this does not mean that you will begin smoking again. I believe these dreams are part of the healing process. It is through such dreams that you begin to realize that cigarettes do not have power over you.

The next time you have a smoking dream realize that this is all part of the healing process and these dreams shall evolve into less unpleasant subconscious experiences in the near future.