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Warning About Electronic Cigarette Chargers

Earlier this week a 62 year old man from Wirral in the UK was found dead in his home. Reports point to a fire that was caused when he was powering up his device using the wrong charger which caused an explosion that lead to a fire.

This isn’t the first fire in this area. At least eight other fires linked to E-Cigarettes have been reported on the Merseyside of Wallasey in the UK.

Consumers Be Aware When Using E-Cigarette Chargers

Besides using incorrect chargers or leaving a device plugged in for too long, there are additional safety concerns that can lead to fires.

Many e-cigarette suppliers provide chargers that have a cord with a USB plug and an AC adapter. This makes it tempting for an E-cig user to try and charge from car adapters, laptops, computers, and video game consoles. This should never be done due. Accidents like the one in Wirral are an example of what can happen when adapters get mixed up or when they are plugged into the wrong type of device.

In the US there have also been reported fires and other types of health risks. One explosion happened in Oklahoma City when a user left their device unchecked while plugged in under their desk.

Phoenix Fire Dept Report

pic-fire-e-cig-charger-1Phoenix Fire Department officials say they’ve noticed the increase and want families to know about the potential danger when charging devices.

The Fire Dept in Phoenix reported on a fire that caused over $100,000 in damage and luckily no lives were lost. Note the pictures in this article are taken from that report.

You can watch a video of the news report at ABC News.

pic-fire-damage-e-cig-charger-2Safety educators say e-cigarette users should not leave their devices unattended. A word of caution, never leave your device unattended and unplug once charged. Also, it would be very wise to make sure your smoke detector batteries are in working order and take out a good renter’s insurance plan.

Hopefully E-Cigarette makers will improve the way devices are charged before one more life is put in danger or more property is destroyed.

How Your Cigarette Butts Engage Social Responsibility

In just one hour, one billion cigarette butts around the world are improperly disposed of and merely tossed on the ground.

This is the most prevalent form of litter found globally. In fact, in Western countries cigarette butts account for 50% of litter.

The Doe Fund of New York City commits itself to social responsibility and social engagement by establishing self-help programs, including a street cleaning assignment program where participants continuously clean up the millions of discarded cigarette butts on the streets.

About the Doe Fund

The Doe Fund is an organization that helps homeless, incarcerated, and addicted men and women become self sufficient members of society through a variety of programs. The “Ready, Willing, and Able” program is the Fund’s residential and work skills program designed to help people become self sufficient.

Cigarette Litter

Litter buttsEverywhere we go there are cigarette butts carelessly tossed by someone to the ground. It’s easy to simply walk away from this, but there are many dangers associated with this practice. For one, improper disposal of cigarettes is a fire hazard, with the potential of leading to huge disaster.

These cigarette butts are also extremely toxic, and pollute our ecosystems and water ways with toxins such as arsenic, lead, and cadmium.

Statistics show that in areas where indoor cigarette smoking has been banned, there is a corresponding increase of cigarette litter in that area. In fact, approximately one in three smokers admits to tossing their litter on the ground.

Cigarette litter is not biodegradable. It can take up to twelve years for it to break down. But even well before then, the toxins of the filter and remaining tobacco leach into the environment.

“Please Do Not Throw Your Cigarette Butts on the Ground!”

This is the message brought forth by the participants of the Doe Fund’s “Ready, Willing, and Able” program. As part of the street cleaning assignment, the participants regularly sweep up cigarette litter from the streets of New York City.

This street cleaning assignment has received significant praise for its contributions to revitalizing neighborhoods.

Watch the Short Video