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CVS Health – Rebranding After Dumping Cigarette Sale Profits

President and CEO of CVS, Larry Merlo has been out talking it up on the media circuit!

The move to remove tobacco products effective Sept 3, 2014 coincides with a company decision to also change its corporate name to CVS Health

Merlo had this to say to the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Ziobro:

“While there’s never a right time to walk away from $2 billion in revenue, this was the right time. Eliminating this obstacle will allow our company to grow over the long term.”

Nationwide Walk In Smoking Cessation Clinics

pic-cvs-health-rebrandingAlong with a mission and commitment to move toward health and wellness CVS Health is rolling out “personalized” smoking-cessation services.

Support for ceasing smoking will be found at CVS Health’s 7,700 retail pharmacies and more than 860 walk-in clinics.

The new CVS Health Website opens with 3 videos.

1. President and CEO, Larry Merlo explains how CVS Health is shaping the future of health care for people, businesses and communities.

2. Chief Medical Officer, Troy Brennan weighs in on the dangers of smoking and why it’s never too late to go tobacco-free.

3. CVS/pharmacy President, Helena Foulkes details how our comprehensive and uniquely personalized smoking cessation program is helping people quit.

Congratulations to CVS for such a bold move and putting health and wellness above tobacco profits. It may take time to make up the loss from sales of tobacco based products but in time new business in the health sector may far surpass the loss.

Merlo tells Forbes contributor, Bruce Japsen that the changes are:

 “Pointing to $5.4 billion in new business wins for 2015…changing the name catches up with what we have been doing.”

One Good Reason Campaign

CVS “One Good Reason” campaign opens with a powerful video. They state that “seven in ten smokers say they want to quit. While quitting isn’t easy, it can be done.  But sometimes you need a little inspiration and support to finally quit for good.”

You can visit their twitter account and share your  “#One Good Reason”  on why would like to quit, which will provide inspiration for others. Or visit to receive inspiration to help you become tobacco free!

Go ahead, click to put a voice behind your desire and reasons for quitting!

Click > One Good Reason

To learn more, click  > CVS Health CEO Video Explains New Company Direction