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Barb Tarbox: A Life Cut Short by Tobacco

In September 2002 Barb Tarbox was diagnosed with incurable lung (stage IV) and brain cancer at the age of 41.

She smoked two packs of cigarettes a day since the tender age of 11.

She smoked for 30 years, totaling a 60 pack-year smoking history.

She died May 18, 2003 after speaking to more than 50,000 students about the dangers of smoking.

barb_screen.gifView a fifteen minute video to get a full story.

We must warn you however, this video contains strong emotional material regarding Barb Tarbox’s experience with terminal lung cancer caused by smoking.

This is a very sad video and may her life and story offer the power to help others quit smoking by realizing what they are doing to themselves by being willing to be manipulated into smoking by big tobacco.