States are Collecting Back Cigarette Taxes from Online Retailers

Chances are good you will be getting a letter in the mail if you bought cigarettes online trying to avoid paying the high taxes on them.

States including Connecticut are doing just that. According to their web site, “The Jenkins Act requires, that out-of-state retailers report the transactions.”

Yes this means all the retailers that sold cigarettes must share their records so that letters can go out to all customers who did not pay the tax on the products sold.

Tax Revenue Collections on Unstamped Cigarettes

Unstamped Cigarettes Uncollected TaxesThe state of Connecticut is serious about collecting this revenue from unstamped cigarettes that were sold from 2007-2008 along with any interest that has accrued.

File Form, AU-75 is the form to be filled out and filed. If this form is not filed, you will receive a tax bill for the purchases made according to the Department of Revenue Services for the State of Connecticut.

Smoking is a habit that keeps you paying out over and over again. The cost is high and there is no real way to avoid paying the high taxes associated with the habit.

The State of Connecticut is out to collect what is owed. The cost of smoking cannot be circumvented and will boomerang right back to your pocketbook.

The tax on the tobacco products is bad enough, but so is the increase to health insurance, life insurance etc. The negative health risks associated with smoking, the added pressure on your monthly budget, and the social inconveniences outweigh any illusionary gains from the habit.

Credit to: DRS to Bill Online Cigarettes

2 thoughts on “States are Collecting Back Cigarette Taxes from Online Retailers

  1. Zac

    Yes the costs just continue to rise in all aspects of life. As you said insurance is ridiculous and unaffordable to most regular folks, just sad.

  2. way to stop smoking

    When my wife got pregnant, I got serious about finding a way to stop smoking. I mean, it was one thing when it was just my health I was risking. I always went outside to smoke, so that my wife wouldn’t get second hand smoke. But now that we have a little one on the way, it’s different. I want to be around to see her grow up, get her first tooth, get married, all of those things. I don’t want to miss out, so I’m going to stop smoking. Better for my health, better for hers, and better for my wife’s.


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