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Allen Carr Dies From Lung Cancer

Allen Carr who founded The Easyway in 1983, died of lung cancer today.

Mr. Carr’s main objective in life was to “Cure the World of Smoking.”

Scandal”™ is the book that the pharmaceuticals, the Department of Health, the NHS, ASH and QUIT will not want you to read!

Excerpt from Scandal: “The truth is that we’ve failed even to prevent our children and grand-children from falling into the trap. Those same youngsters who were desperately trying to persuade their parents to quit are now puffing away as if it never went out of fashion!”

Allen’s final book Scandal’ is free, in PDF form.

Picture of Allen CarrSmoking killed my father in his mid-fifties and my sister in her mid-forties.

Once the brainwashing, illusions and cobwebs have been removed. I believe the word devastation is an apt description of the drug nicotine. Please Help Me To Remove This Evil
–End of Excerpt

Ruairi O’Connor, of the British Heart Foundation, said: “Estimates of the huge numbers of people helped by Allen Carr’s programs show his methods provided a valuable service to help people quit.

“We hope that his memory will continue to inspire people in their efforts to give up smoking.”

Allen Carr, thanks for all you have done to get the message out to the world.

Your presence will be sadly missed in the war against Big Tobacco.

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