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Buerger’s Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Buerger’s disease is a seldom seen condition that strikes mostly men aged twenty to forty.

Buerger’s disease most commonly starts in the hands and the feet and works it way to bother other parts of the body.

What exactly precipitates Buerger’s disease is unknown, but everyone diagnosed with it smokes or uses some form of tobacco.

Buerger's Disease Image

Buerger’s disease affects the arteries and veins in a person with a combination of inflammation and clots, ultimately causing impaired blood flow.

This can result in tissue being destroyed, with infection and possible gangrene as a consequence.

It is essential that patients with Buerger’s disease stop smoking immediately and completely.

This is the only treatment known to be effective in Buerger’s disease.

Patients who continue to smoke are generally the ones who require amputation of fingers and toes.

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