Are You ‘For Sale’ on Measure 50 in Oregon

Big Tobacco is sweating this one out after poison-nicotine profits supply $12 millions for subverting Oregon voters.

That old cliche “The nation’s eyes are on you” is quite literally true for Tuesday’s vote. 

Big Tobacco has been forced to wreak out the largest bribe-run of political-ad monies in Oregon’s history, with $12 millions already spent.

Campaign contributions alone may have set up this sequence by providing confrontation within the Legislature, but true-decision still remains right where it should be – with the citizens themselves.

Right or wrong, Oregon’s response may well shape up first the Congressional action on SCHIP –national children’s health insurance– and then foreshadow final action for universal health insurance in this nation, too.

What we DO, here-and-now, will then have strong impact on upcoming rapid decisions for universal health care at the two basic-levels/demanded very soon.

Oregon may very literally lead the nation on this consummately consequential vote.

That fact is making many Oregonians face up irrevocably to their own conscience as they contemplate a very simple choice:

Cheerleader PictureVOTE NO – resoundingly defying and denying the money power never more manipulative -applied than by Big Tobacco, or be side-tracked into submission-AGAIN by the slickly-contrived ads, concentrated on cooking the facts to pervert votes by clearly-crooked presentations-everywhere; with repetition and wide release the keys to subversion of the well known public will.

THINK-again before you act, if you are on the fence over this one.

That expensive flood of tv ads, thrown up over and over again on every Oregon screen, distorts and perverts the actual realities involved here.

That headlong lie in the face of truth is commonplace and always concentrated by the Big T. side; made entirely evident by the rapid-response rebuttal with fact and authoritative statement from supporters of this historic measure.

Well known to those paid profusely to provide propaganda-results, the Big Lie that is repeated provocatively, piled high in every media channel, and pronounced proper-truth by paid authoritative persons– is simply standard procedure since there is nothing else left to provide.

That distorting/perverting overwhelming necessity for Big Tobacco is proven very prominently –over and over again, for all to see and understand– by the extremely revealing list of sponsors supplying the working-dollars for all those ads.

FOR this measure lists every conceivable public-health/service group and working organization; while Opposing lists ONLY Big Tobacco firms, and the ostensibly-local (and surely well-paid !) Big T. servant group necessary to submit the ads.

Huge impacts of nicotine-poison lifetime peonage and permanent lung damage leading to premature death are too solidly and broadly on the public record to be ignored.

In fact that has become such a well known legal fact-of-life that it is widely cited as strong precedent in any new confrontation, as in damage suits now in process covering defective voting machines –surely an ironic note here!

Today everyone knows a relative or friend or associate already so stricken– and now dehumanized by despair and depression– while awaiting a painful death, proven by the millions already so removed.

The danger is not only for smokers but for others whose atmosphere is irrevocably also permeated and poisoned by the irresponsible actions of those so-addicted they are made regardless of decencies and consideration for others.

Those consequences of getting hooked are so widely known that nowadays anyone –even a small/business-owner retailing them– must be keenly aware of what those profits really cost: Irresponsible damage to human life, peddled for pennies of profit by ANYone pandering to the propaganda and pressing approach of Big Tobacco.

Wonder what those-so-involved will answer when their growing child, keyed and informed by education and society generally, will, finally, ask: Why did you sell that poisonous stuff, Daddy?

That same question may well surface (and surely should !) within the family circle of those providing the perverted propaganda so widely seen-and-heard on every Oregon tv-news station and via radio, too.

For those who find themselves involved in helping supply that nicotine-poison today there is only one answer –the same one for any other such poisonous substance on sale once it is clearly and unmistakably so discovered: NO LONGER from me, now that I KNOW the truth.

That ID, infinitely deadly – was made centuries ago, has been known ever since, and was never, ever, allowed to interfere with profit-taking no matter what human costs were concerned.

Our American slavery era, built on Big Tobacco colonial-produced profits, was wiped away only by one of the world’s most excruciating national spasms, costing our struggling nation many deaths and many millions in war costs –with that same war continuing to this very day, in pursuit of the same high levels of profit promised and produced by the absolutely addictive capture always consequential to any personal use.

Those social, cultural, economic and political damages are STILL far from cleared away with ongoing consequences still excruciatingly painful to millions. They carry with them extreme healthcare costs clearly consequential both for smokers and those caught in their miasma.

Those facts are too solidly and surely fully on record –and now too widely circulated to provide conscience-clear continuance for ANYone pursuing further pandering-for-profit from this universally-dangerous nicotine-poison.

Unfair to currently-caught smokers ? WHEN has it ever been unfair to snatch away poison from the hand about to imbibe?

Unwise to add enforcement to Oregon’s Constitution ? WHY, when we have been doing so, in one way or another, ever since 1902?

Oregon’s citizens have long been known for their wit, wisdom and will –so much so I need not even cite examples, well known to most. Will we now prove up that prolonged and continuing protocol?

YOURS may be THE VERY VOTE –with others– to DO THIS JOB NOW in stopping Big Tobacco cold and commensurately censored.

Let’s send them away seething, and make them seek somewhere else to recoup their rapidly-departing power from profits produced, not-so-purely, from poisons provided the unthinking public.


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