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Quitting Smokeless Tobacco at KillTheCan.org

KillTheCan.org was created November 2006, as an online community of people with a common goal of quitting smokeless tobacco.

This site hosts QS Xtreme!

There are forums that offer lots of information and a place to share experiences.

These forums include: One day at a time (ODAT) roll call, Hall of Fame (100 days quit), The Playground (a place of distraction, and the Veterans (those who stick around to help).

QSXtreme – KillTheCan Online Community

KillTheCan BannerKillTheCan.org states that their site “isn’t about being the “best” site on the web… it’s about getting the most information about quitting chewing tobacco out to anyone who wants it.”

Their members have made a total of 72,747 posts and as of June 7, 2007 they have 282 registered members.

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