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Kirk VandenBerghe & Sandy Breckenridge of HeartCore Corporation

Kirk VandenBerghe - Sandy BreckenridgeWe receive great joy from helping people improve their lives. Our interests include self-development, artistic expression (making things!), holistic health, green living, the wise use of technology, and much more.

We feel that the entire smoking industry, from tobacco farmers and big tobacco companies to marketing firms, advertisers, and all sales outlets, are morally and ethically co-responsible for destroying millions of lives.

CiggyFree.com is The Quit Smoking Blog and we are dedicated to providing useful information to help you stop smoking.

Special thanks to robbster (Teksquisite), zzzyx, CiglessBot, GareK, and Kabuki for nurturing CiggyFree.com from 2004-2008, along with everyone who has commented and participated in the blog. We also would like to acknowledge Aaron Shawn Gray, whose “Thanks, Tobacco: You Killed My Mom video” represents great courage and commitment to helping to end smoking on the planet.

Please feel to contact us with your questions, comments, feedback, or requests.

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