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stop smoking toolbox helps you through the short term cravings
A Stop Smoking Toolbox

By Sandy Breckenridge

There isn’t too much innovation in the field of anti-smoking products.

Most of the advice is to quit cold turkey, or if you can’t do that,   (more…)

young smokers
One of the Best Anti Smoking Ads Ever Created

By Sandy Breckenridge

Usually anti-smoking commercials do not cause a smoker to actually stop and think deeply enough about their habit.

View the impact in a Thailand anti-smoking   (more…)

One Good Reason Campaign
CVS Health – Rebranding After Dumping Cigarette Sale Profits

By Sandy Breckenridge

President and CEO of CVS, Larry Merlo has been out talking it up on the media circuit!

The move to remove tobacco products effective Sept 3,   (more…)

Damage to Lungs of a Smoker
Video Shows Smoker’s Lungs

By Sandy Breckenridge

Making the choice to smoke cigarettes will in time cause damaging effects to your body’s healthy lung function.

The following video provides an example of what   (more…)

e-cig charger fire
Warning About Electronic Cigarette Chargers

By Sandy Breckenridge

Earlier this week a 62 year old man from Wirral in the UK was found dead in his home. Reports point to a fire that was   (more…)

Jury awards multi billion dollars in damages
23.6 Billion Ruling Against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

By Sandy Breckenridge

A lawsuit ruling brought by chain smoker’s widow against R.J. Reynolds was awarded the largest dollar amount of damages in history of any ruling against big   (more…)

Please discard of Cigarette Butts properly
No Butts About It

By Sandy Breckenridge

One of my favorite pastimes is taking a nice long walk for exercise and fitness.

On weekends we like to locate a new park to check   (more…)

Third hand smoke effects linger long ager smoker is gone
Thirdhand Smoke Effects DNA

By Sandy Breckenridge

On March 17th, 2014 Fox News reported new findings on the effects of “thirdhand smoke” from cigarettes and how it can damage DNA.

The revealing information   (more…)

Cigarette butts
Surgeon General: Smoking Poses Greater Risks Than Originally Thought

By Sandy Breckenridge

The tobacco related news is buzzing this week with a critical new report from the Surgeon General on the dangers of smoking.

This report was shared   (more…)

Tar in Cigarettes
Need More Reasons to Stop Smoking?

By Erin Legg

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), lung cancer accounts for about 30% of cancer deaths per year in the United States. The majority   (more…)

Stevia Herbal Plant
Tobacco Growers Switching and You Can Too

By Sandy Breckenridge

The US Dept of Agriculture reported that many Tobacco Growers are making a major crop change!

Ditching the harmful effects   (more…)

Movie Night – The Insider

By Sandy Breckenridge

One of the events we enjoy in our home is a weekly movie night. Its a pleasant way to unwind and relax while spending time   (more…)

Oral Health Problems From Smoking
5 Ways Cigarette Smoking Damages Your Oral Health

By Sandy Breckenridge

Cigarette smoking is a hard habit to kick. For those that succeed in quitting, whether it’s cold turkey or gradual, it’s important to remind yourself   (more…)

Tobacco Farmers in Field
The Poverty Trap of Tobacco Farmers in Developing Countries

By Erin Legg

To keep up with the demand for tobacco, transnational tobacco companies and manufacturers encourage farmers in developing countries to grow the plant.

This crop has been   (more…)

What's in the Smoking Stick?
Do You Know What’s in Your Cigarette?

By Erin Legg

After manufacturing, a cigarette contains 20% expanded tobacco (tobacco puffed with carbon dioxide to be used as a filler), tobacco leaf stems, and reclaimed tobacco.

30%   (more…)

Tobacco Consipracy
The Tobacco Conspiracy: Investigative Documentary Challenges Industry Lies

By Erin Legg

Filmmaker Nadia Collot took three years to dig deep into the global tobacco industry and uncover the major lies and fraud for which it’s responsible.

In   (more…)

Cost of Smoking
Funding Tobacco Control Programs Has Long-Term Payoff

By Erin Legg

States feel the economic effects of smoking through increased health and medical costs and lost productivity of its citizens.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends   (more…)

How Much Tar in That Cigarette?

By Erin Legg

The yellow stains on a smoker’s fingers and teeth is caused by the tar that results from smoking tobacco.

Tar causes great damage to a person’s   (more…)

FDA Cites Merchants for Violating Tobacco Control Compliance
Retailers Selling Tobacco Products to Underage Users Receive Warning Letter

By Erin Legg

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approximately 20% of high school students smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products.

The FDA also reports that   (more…)

A Smoker's Lungs
Video Demonstrates How Smoking Destroys Your Lungs

By Erin Legg

Lung cancer accounts for approximately one third of cancer deaths in the American population.

Over $10 billion is spent annually on the diagnosis and treatment of   (more…)

Fresh Start in 21 days.
Quit Smoking: Freshstart Audio Program Now Available on Kindle

By Erin Legg

Freshstart: 21 Days to Stop Smoking (Simon & Schuster) was originally published in 1986 as a resource guide for people wanting to quit smoking.

This book,   (more…)

Stop Smoking Apps
Stop Smoking with Apps for Android

By Erin Legg

There are several apps available for android phones that are designed to help users stop their smoking habits and develop an overall healthier lifestyle.

Smoking cessation   (more…)

Video Kids Drinking Formaldehyde, Contained in Cigarettes
Smoking a Cigarette is Like Drinking Formaldehyde

By Erin Legg

Each year in the state of Florida 28,000 people die from tobacco related diseases.

Smoking and tobacco use amongst Floridians cost approximately $19.6 billion each year   (more…)

cigarette warning labels
Injunction Made in Lawsuit Fighting FDA Cigarette Warnings

By Erin Legg

Five tobacco manufacturers filed a lawsuit August 2011 against the FDA over the agency’s requirement that all cigarette packages carry a graphic warning label depicting   (more…)

Dissolvable Tobacco Products Especially Appealing to Kids

By Sandy Breckenridge

The consumer demand for cigarettes has been decreasing, and Big Tobacco companies are looking to fill these sales gaps with cigarette alternative products. This includes   (more…)

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